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We manufacture in Nepal and support local businesses

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We believe functionality, design & honesty are the future

Bruut van Bot, The Nepal Brand, was born on a journey through the Himalayas. It may have been the altitude, but the adventure, Sherpa culture and rich colors got to our heads. From then on, we saw it as our mission to integrate our explorations into clothing that is both functional and fashionable. With a fair price and handcrafted by Nepali people. How on earth is this possible? Simple, by adding a ‘little bit’ of passion and a huge load of hard work. The name Bruut van Bot was found high up in the Himalayas as a combination of two words, bruut and bot, representing something special or extraordinary in Dutch slang. Together they form Bruut van Bot: adventurous, sturdy, authentic & reliable.

  • Locally produced
  • Fashionable, yet functional
  • Honest & personal
  • High quality : price ratio

Our Team

Wouter believes in design with a vision. Think first then act. Giving meaning to products is essential. And in the end everything has to look perfect too. Off course.
Robert likes to go on an adventure: exploring the world, building businesses. His passion is to create something from scratch. An idea. A product. Anything.

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Sherpa Downjackets and Gorkha softshells available for order!

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